Unfortunately, I spent most of Thursday night very ill, so I was glad Friday was a short day. Even so, all three presentations were worthwhile.

CFTT Conference – Day 2

Southern Miss Offers Online Students Flexibility with Access to MSVCC presented by Sherry Rawls, University of Southern Mississippi (co-presenters Amy Thornton & Chad Seals)

Following a one-year pilot (partnership with Mississippi Virtual Community College, MSVCC, established May 2010), USM offers as host (CJC as provider) non-duplicate courses online. Seats available only to USM students in fully online programs.

Are CJC’s seats protected? Only a limited number of seats for USM; also, registration lag benefits the CJC students.

Jackson State will begin similar partnership summer 2011.

Creating a Technology-Enriched Online Learning Environment presented by Shuyan Wang, University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Wang presented results of a study of technology enhanced learning in an online graduate course. Course activities included collaboration through blogging, discussion boards, e-mail; content included e-book, video clips, podcasts, and tutorials. Students gained “equitable technology skills required to function in educational settings.”

It always seems odd to me when a professional person who seems involved and knowledgeable about online technology can hardly be found online beyond a faculty email address (however, Wang wasn’t the only one of the presenters with seeming little online — professional — presence).

Closing Luncheon (Friday) Michael M. Flood, AT&T

Interesting to listen to at the time, lots of information and very IT oriented and just didn’t stick with me.