As I mentioned at the end of the previous post, I attended one additional session the first day, Using Social Media & Multimedia in Education presented by Craig Jackson, RCU-Mississippi State University

Mr. Jackson presented a collection of free online tools to create, enhance & promote content for delivery in the classroom, as well as school events.    Create a daily ‘newspaper’ of feeds. (Sign in with either Twitter or Facebook login.)

Issuu     digital publishing platform, i.e., a digital newsstand. The Issuu Reader can be embedded on website/blog, or as a standalone reader:

Slideshare pretty much what is says: storage for presentations

Zipcast    as part of Slideshare, allows for live, one-way video alongside slide set under discussion:

“integrating meeting environments with social networks” (Daniel Ruscigno’s comment on ReadWriteWeb, 2/16/2011)

authorSTREAM Like Slideshare, a platform for sharing presentations: unique URL & embed code (plays as Flash, don’t need PPT software); share via YouTube, iTunes. Unlike Slideshare, presentations may be kept private without additional cost. (authorSTREAM’s PresentLive is via chat or VoIP; no streaming live video as with Slideshare’s Zipcast.)

iSpring Free  A PowerPoint to Flash converter (not compatible with Macs except for viewing) Remember: In order to use iSpring Free for commercial, educational or non-profit purposes you must register your iSpring Free copy.”

Slideboom is another platform for sharing presentations: iSpring-created flash files can be published there.

Vimeo non-commercial video community

Picasa & Picasa Web Albums Google’s photo editing & sharing platform (1Gb free storage)  “a next-generation television network” for “independently produced Web shows” If you want to produce “somewhat regular” episodic video content, here’s where you can upload it.

livestream will, um, live stream video. 10Gb limit on free plan.

TalkShoe live discussions, talk shows, podcasts; create, participate or lurk; talk, text-chat or just listen.

Quizlet Flash cards, vocabulary memorization, study games; web-based or mobile (apps for iPhone or iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, HP webOS) (for public sets only). Create a group specifically for your class.

ProProfs Quiz Maker, flashcards, brain games, polls, free SAT and IT certification prep. Free services are limited, but not overly so (e.g., no tracking of quiztakers, ads).

Whew! You can see why I needed to devote a single post to his presentation. I can’t believe he covered so much in the time allowed, but he did it thoroughly, and well, and twittered a bit while he did it!  Follow him @CraigJackson and be sure to read his What’s New in Technology Daily.