In Sean Fitzpatrick’s Perpetual Beta blog today, two statements stand out. Speaking about Drupal,

If invented today, […] it would be designed for mobile devices first, with data output for desktop/laptop markup […]

The (return?) to simpler, cleaner web pages is certainly appealing, if for no other reason than to be able to quickly process information. Right up there with aggregators, to pull together information I want to see from sources I choose, whether it’s TweetDeck, Google Reader,, or Flipboard (among many).

Fitzpatrick sums it up well:

Buytaert [Drupal project lead] sees the future of technology and computing as an environment where any information can be accessed on any device and in an environment where users can become more and more interactive with theĀ applications.

Reminding me of my alma mater’s athletics motto:

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.