After a day of perusing catalogs preparing a book order, I thought I was tired of looking at new and back-listed book titles. Then I opened an email from ALA.

About once a week, I receive an email from ALA Editions. There is always at least one publication promoted in the email which I would like to read. Wouldn’t it be nice if if ALA ran promotions on their Facebook or Twitter accounts with new titles (or, heck even old ones) as prizes? (Do they and I just don’t know about it??) Or if lucky attendees at the annual conference received gift certificates at the ALA Store?

What would you choose?

I think I’d choose a couple of management and supervisory titles, something else on privacy issues, information literacy, and, of course, technology.  I save the emails with interesting titles so I can find them easily again. Now I want to go nose through those and make a real list!

And, while I’m thinking about this summer’s ALA conference — did I mention it’s in New Orleans and I’ll be presenting a poster with a friend & colleague? — I wonder if there will be any hot new READ posters released at that time…