A new blog is like having a brand new notebook for the first day of school. Like a clean, piece of paper, new pencils and crayons, and maybe even a new bookbag.

A new phase of my life begins today. Yesterday, I received my master’s degree in library & information science from the School of Library & Information Science at the University of Southern Mississippi.

At the top of my agenda is, of course, obtaining a professional position. Unlike many who come into LIS, I have had no specific position in mind (other than not to be a school librarian). I am confident I will be just as content, and effective, in a public setting as an academic, in reference or instruction, or access services.  While I now have a strong background in cataloguing and technical services, courtesy of over two years in a bibliographic department, I do not plan to seek a job as a cataloguer. I neither love or hate cataloguing; I understand how foundational it is to all library services. I know the experience will help me greatly in future endeavors… but I believe my best efforts will be in reference services.

What I hope to present via this blog are progress, insights, assistance, and amusements from my little corner of the bibliosphere.